Feng Shui Your Apartment


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that applies certain principles to home design and decoration to create a space with positive, supportive energy. In the modern world, the principles of Feng Shui have made their way into western civilization too – with people following the directions to create safe, nurturing spaces that they’re proud to call homes.

Feng Shui guidelines are less of a checklist and more of a vision for what constitutes a safe space. For example, in Feng Shui, good lighting is emphasized significantly. The best way to bring bright light into your living space is to find a place with large windows – or to have them installed. Big windows invite in lots of sunlight, which stimulates a better mood and is an excellent source of vitamin D too. If large windows aren’t an option, though, there are plenty of other ways to improve your lighting – invest in some lamps or sunlights, and consider painting your walls a nice, bright color.

Feng Shui has some important guidelines about your floor plan and furniture placements too. When it comes to floors, the philosophy advises against buying into unorthodox spaces that might require unusual furniture places, like cramming tables into odd corners. Feng Shui also encourages homeowners to have distinct spaces – a designated living room, bedrooms, and a designated dining room if you have the space, for example.

Where furniture is concerned, remember, the idea is to create positive, nurturing spaces. So, for example, areas that are usually high traffic, such as the living room or kitchen, should have clear, open spaces to facilitate ease of movement. Here, furniture placement is critical – leave some spaces between your sofas, tables, and cabinets!

Since bathrooms are considered a place of bad energy, Feng Shui principles used to stay clear of them. However, more recent Feng Shui practices aim to combat the negative energy.  This involves brightening up your bathroom – either with natural light or artificial – and maybe throwing in a couple of scented candles. Aside from this, keep drains plugged, and the toilet closed, and keep your bathroom super clean!

If the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui doesn’t appeal to you, then you might still be able to appreciate the philosophy’s take on improving home spaces from a design perspective. Like making it easier to move around in high traffic areas – that’s just sensible!