Find out what the way you make a fist says about your personality


1. The Open Heart Fist


The fist portrayed in category A shows you balling up your fist with your thumb resting on top of the index finger. This is an indicator of a really sweet personality and great social skills. People that form a fist in this way are usually great friends.

You’re likely very kind and generous, which makes you approachable. You are definitely not someone who finds himself socially isolated. People also appreciate your trustworthiness, which makes you a great companion in times of emotional turmoil. You are also very empathic. The only downside to your social mindedness is that people can take advantage of you quite easily, as you are often just a little too trusting. 

You also sometimes struggle to express your emotions in romantic relationships. It can be quite hard for you to show just how much you love someone. You are usually in control of your emotions, without using this to your advantage.

2. The Creative Person’s Fist


People that form a fist by placing their thumb along their clenched fingers are known for being energetic, friendly, and most of all very open-minded and free-thinking. 

Your personality is very attractive to almost everyone you get in contact with. You are very confident and hard-working, which makes you likely to succeed in the professional world. You are also likely very dedicated, which gives you another edge to reach your lofty ambitions and goals.

Even though you seem very confident on the outside, you have a soft and sensitive core. You regularly hide your dreams from other people, as you generally don’t trust strangers. Because of your open-mindedness, you like exploring and learning new things no matter how hard they might seem. 

Unfortunately, people with this type of fist also tend to overthink many aspects of their love life. It can be hard for you to settle down and make up your mind. That being said, once you have found the right person, you will never let go.

3. The Charmer’s Fist


In this category, people make a fist by placing their thumb on the inside of their clenched fingers. This indicates a sensitive, yet highly creative personality.

You love your own private space and you also hate getting out of balance as keeping to your zen attitude is one of your main priorities. You love beauty, art and your creativity helps you achieve great success in this field. You like being alone but you can also be very charming if you want to. Despite all of this, you are not selfish and you would do anything for your family.   

Even though you are very creative and even extravagant at times you prefer simplicity in your love life. You don’t like drama, which is why one of your main priorities when finding a partner is a deep understanding. If something does go wrong, however, you are known to be great at forgiving someone’s errors. Unfortunately, you often even forgive mistakes that truly hurt you, which is not always to your own benefit.