Find out how a vinegar foot bath can help you



foot bath

Why not give yourself a nice pedicure just by using water and vinegar? We have collected some of the best instructions on how to get the most out of vinegar, check them out!

Reduce swimmer’s eczema

Eczema is a common fungal infection typically affecting feet. It often occurs on the sole and in between the toes. As the name suggests, a “great” place to pick up swimmer’s eczema is the swimming pool. That being said, you can also pick up these unpleasant infections from other places. Whenever you walk barefoot over wet surfaces, you are at risk. The infection often leads to dry, flakey and most of all itchy skin. Many people also suffer from blisters. Vinegar is known to have antifungal properties and can therefore help with swimmer’s eczema. The key to fighting these infections is to bathe your feet in a vinegar solution several times a day until your feet are getting better. Needless to say, you are very much advised to contact your doctor regardless of your vinegar treatment.   

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