The Hottest Holiday Drinks


Major holidays occur every year, and some people are more excited about them than others. Holidays can be times of great joy, or loneliness, or exhaustion, depending on what the holiday is and what factors come into play. If you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day, who cares because chocolate prices just got slashed. But if it’s another Thanksgiving with the family and all those super loud cousins, or nieces and nephews, then that’s a recipe for exhaustion. Fortunately, most holidays come with some super festive drinks that can at least take your mind off the bad – or help you enjoy the good – that accompanies the holidays. Here’s our checklist for some of the hottest holiday drinks.

Egg Nog

What would a list of holiday drinks be without some good old egg nog? The origins of egg nog have been traced back to as early as the 13th century, and it’s still a staple Christmas drink in many households!

Hot Chocolate

Okay, so hot chocolate is technically a great idea all year round. But there’s just something about curling up on a sofa during the holidays and tucking in with a cup of hot chocolate.

Pina Colada

With a coconut milk and pineapple juice composition, Piña colada’s are one of the best holiday drinks for the warmer months. Top them off with a tiny umbrella, and it feels that much more festive!

Thanksgiving Punch

The great thing about a festive Thanksgiving Punch is that it can be anything you want – orange-strawberry, rosemary and lime, or even a nice big mash of different berries. Get creative with it!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Offered from early Fall well into January at most big cafes, pumpkin spice lattes may not technically be a holiday drink, but they sure as hell are festive. Plus, all the cool characters on TV drink them – so how could we leave them out of this list?

These are just some of the many fantastic holiday drinks out there. When the holidays come rolling in, what’s your go-to drink?