15 Brilliant Ways Aluminum Foil Saves You Time


6. Protect Pie Crust

You can wrap a sheet of tin foil around the edge of your pie crust before placing it in the oven. Not only will it add some stability and prevent a potential mess, but it will also make sure the edges aren’t getting burned. If you want to make sure your pie is nice and crispy you can remove the tin foil halfway through the baking process. Alternatively, you can also use aluminium foil as an emergency measure if you notice that the edges of your pie seem to become too dark while baking.

7. Foil Funnel

We all know how annoying it can be to pour liquid into a bottle. Did you know that one of the easiest ways to prevent a mess is to take tin foil and make a little funnel? All you have to do is to form a cone shape and place it into the bottle. It will make pouring much easier and likely prevent a huge, unnecessary mess!

8. Kitchen Helper

Tin foil is great for baking and can be used for various recipes. Especially salmon filets are fantastic for this as they turn out perfectly moist and tasty when baked in tin foil pouches. Great to avoid burning them or making them too dry. There is also no need to worry about possible safety concerns. Tin foil is perfectly safe when used at high temperatures.

9. Keep It Hot

Many people know this little trick. Tin foil is very handy for keeping things warm due to its reflective properties. Just wrap whatever food you want to keep warm in some tin foil and you will achieve great results. Great for ordering things at restaurants or food delivery services.

10. Prevent A Mess

Tin foil can be used to prevent yourself from making a mess in your oven. Simply place a sheet of tin foil on a rack below whatever it is that you are baking and you are protected if something bubbles over or falls off. This is great to prevent food from burning when getting in contact with the hot ovenfloor. After you are done you can simply remove the tin foil. No scrubbing needed!