These On-Screen Kisses Were Actually Totally Unscripted



ER – Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway

During the entire run of the TV series ER, viewers couldn’t help but wonder if Dr Doug Ross, played by the oh-so-handsome George Clooney, would ever make a move on Nurse Carol Hathaway, portrayed by Juliana Margulies. Fans always kept guessing if anything would ever happen between them.

The departure of George Clooney from the show left fans devastated, as they believed it marked the end of any possibility for a romantic relationship between Dr Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway. When Juliana Margulies also announced her departure, fans lost all hope. However, fulfilling the long-awaited desires of the audience, the show finally showed the much-anticipated kiss between the two characters. It was a gratifying moment that left viewers feeling a sense of fulfillment after patiently waiting for the union of these beloved characters.