The Magic of Staycations


Vacations are great – with people travelling off to foreign lands, enjoying sandy beaches or ancient, majestic architecture. We’re all familiar with vacations. But what the heck is a staycation?

Well, the word staycation is an obvious mesh of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’, and as the name implies, it involves staying rather than venturing into the outside world. People have different ideas for staycations – some prefer to book themselves into a hotel for a week, while others might decide to just camp out at home!

A staycation at a hotel in your own city is a lovely, cost-effective way to get some serious relaxing done. In the comfort of a hotel room, you can enjoy laundry and room-cleaning services, and even order room service when you’re feeling hungry. Being pampered for a weekend, or an entire week can do wonders for your wellbeing and reduces stress. Plus, most hotels have fine dining options too that are just an elevator away – much less tiring than having to venture outside and eat in a faraway restaurant.

Hotels not your thing? No problem, because the great thing about a staycation is you can even plan one in your own home! A staycation doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy – quite the opposite, actually. All you need to do is to have a good time and a chance to unwind, so plan a staycation at home accordingly. Cancel any plans that require you to go out, take a couple of weeks off work or studying, or even taking care of the home. Order in some takeout instead of cooking, or stock up on pre-cooked meals!

Staycations can be as creative as you like, or as simple as you need. It depends on your preference, but the objective remains the same – to give you an easy, hassle-free relaxation opportunity that doesn’t break the bank.